The New Madrid Fault Line

St. Louis Indie rock.

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B. Petit

Blue Sky Divide

Recorded on a Tascam dp-004.

New solo song.
Lives like naked wires
Brandon Petit - vocals, piano, guitar, bells.

Secrets aloud

Brandon Petit

Live in Pinole,Ca

The New Madrid Fault Line
Scraping Bone
 Live at Wash city laundry.
Special appearance by Dirty P.

The Silent Times
Brandon Petit - guitar and vocals
self produced
Recorded in Meeshels bathroom

Sleeping with strangers
Spencer Yates - Guitar and vocals
Produced by Brandon Petit

Recorded in meeshels bathroom
Spencer yates - guitar and Vocals
Meeshel - vocals

Produced by Brandon Petit

Brandon Petit &Spencer Yates - guitar and vocals

islands (cat power cover) / city bathroom sessions
spencer - guitar and vocals

my Remix of the Amarante track Its the fear

New Demo called “It’s”

Cody Petit - Guitar and vocals